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Freud and Jung have worked together many years in the realm of psychoanalysis, Jung playing an important role in supporting the new science and promoting it in various circles.

Freud and Jung picture
Sigmund Freud (first left) and Carl Jung (first right front) pictured on the time when they worked together.
Dream Interpretation plays a key role in the psychoanalytic therapy - it is, in Freud 's view, the royal road to the unconscious. Therefore we find it, as a method of investigating the unconscious, at both Freud and Jung.

In the early years of their collaboration, Jung followed Freud's theory and applied the method of interpretation discovered by him. After separation from Freud, Jung created his own method which also includes the Freudian features but also adds new elements such as the amplification technique (also originally inspired by Freud).

This site is dedicated to both methods of interpretation. Their kinship explains why we decided to present them together although there are critics who reject this approach.

We wrote several introductory articles on both methods, dream dictionaries and offered examples of working with each method. Finally, for those willing to go further with the study of dreams, we suggest our ebooks edited in PDF.

We currently offer three ebooks dealing with the dream interpretation techniques. They address beginners and students in search of online dream resources.

List of Available Ebooks (PDF)

1. Freud and Dreams - a 10-chapter ebook treating of Freud method of dream interpretation. Click here to learn more...

2. Jung and Dreams - a 12-chapter ebook treating of Freud method of dream interpretation. Click here to learn more...

3. Dream Interpretation Methods (coming soon).



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