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Dream Interpretation at Freud and Jung

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This site is for you if you are searching for the meaning of your dream. Or if you are interested in the meaning of some object or person (symbols) appearing in your dreams or the meaning of the dreams that seem to repeat the same theme.

dream machine by mistaken seriesFirst of all you must know that the meaning of a dream depends on the method one uses to interpret it. There's a huge difference between dreams approached through the traditional method, also called the key of dreams method, and others rather scientific modern methods such as the Freudian or Jungian. For example if you dreamed of a long trip it may mean money loss - if you use the traditional method - or an obsessive idea linked with your sexual life - if you use the Freudian method - or the beginning of a process of spiritual transformation, if you use the Jungian.

Therefore we provide dream analysis courses for beginners especially designed to be delivered through email. They help you understand your dreams by using the modern methods. You may start with a comparative teaching approaching the best known methods and continue with Jung's and Freud's - see the list of available courses below.

Also we provide some hints on the dream approach with psychoanalysis and a dictionary of dream symbols (see the bar menu on the left).

Should you need help with the meaning of a person/object/theme of your recent dream, you may complete the request help form here and we'll try to help you further.


    iconDream Interpretation Methods. Provides a comparison between dreams concepts and methods including Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung approach. The bonus explains how to proceed with a dream on three levels. Click here to learn more...

    iconJung and Dreams. Teaches you the Jungian method of dream interpretation with lots of examples with archetypes in dreams, synchronicity, and more. Click here to learn more...

    iconFreud and Dreams. Treats of Freud's approach of dream interpretation with examples and comments. Click here to learn more...

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